Where and How to Buy Wristwatch in Nigeria

You might be looking to buy a wristwatch online, either traditional wristwatch or smartwatch.

This article will help you make a better choice and how to go about choosing what suits you best.

Just as buying any other goods online, you have to be able to identify what you want either by a picture or by specifications of the desired product. Sometimes using both the images attached to the products will help make the right choice.
Buying a wristwatch from one of the online stores like Jumia is quite straight forward especially when you know what you want even though they might be exceptions.
Exceptions can be due to a brand which is quite close to what you are looking for or looks like it.
Now let's look at what to consider when buying a wristwatch online.
1) The occasion.
2) The quality.
3) Size of the wristwatch.
4) Colour

1) The occasion in which you are attending: You wouldn't want to show up in a beach party dressed in jean wear and a traditional wristwatch around your wrist, it just does not fit in as a smartwatch would.
On the other hand, smartwatches do not just go well with traditional wears. So, you might consider getting a traditional wristwatch just for when the occasion demand you go out in the traditional outfit.
The idea is to get wristwatches that fit into any type of occasion. So when attending a child name ceremony in ost African countries you have got yourself ready considering what your wristwatch will be.
Out to play golf on a Saturday morning, you appear smart with your smartwatch helps give you the look.
So where you want to use the watch if given enough thought should guide you when buying one online.

2) The quality of the wristwatch: For traditional watches, it is advisable to have a brand in mind, brands like Swatch and Rolex. When there is a brand in mind it makes it easy to narrow your research to what you actually need.
Anyway, if you don't have a brand in mind, you don't have to worry you can't check our list of some traditional watches here.
Considering smartwatches, they will always come with a warranty. Also having a brand in mind will be very helpful but if you don't have one we can help you make a choice.

All you have to do is check our list of some of the finest smartwatches here. CLICK HERE.

3) Size of the wristwatch: Looking at the size when buying a wristwatch is very important because it will determine how it fits your wrist.
If you have a wide wrist you don't want to get a wristwatch that's too small for your wrist and of course won't fit you well. Same goes to a person with a small wrist getting a wristwatch that's too big can make you feel uncomfortable.
Another thing can be the weight of the wristwatch, whatever the choice is it should not be heavy on the wrist.

4) Colour of the wristwatch: Yes! Colour can sometimes matter. Depending on what complexion a person has, the choice of colour of the wristwatch can make a difference.
For a person with a dark complexion, you should go for a watch with a bright colour when buying either a traditional watch or a smartwatch. Watch with a black strap will not go well but going for brown colour will be better.
This also goes to buying smartwatch too, of course, you don't want your watch going unnoticed. I mean wristwatches are not just for telling time they also complement our appearance.
All the above factors are considered with the traditional wristwatch and smartwatches as well.
The following factors will only consider when buying smartwatches.
Ok, before going down to the factors let's know what exactly is a smartwatch and why you should consider getting one.

A smartwatch is a mini-computer that comes as a wristwatch which is worn around the wrist. Just as a computer it offers a lot of functions which makes it really needful if you want to work smart and not miss anything.
Let's see some of those things smartwatches are used for:
1) FOR ENTERTAINMENT (For storing media files): Smartwatch comes with storage space which media files can be stored and played anytime it is needed.
2) FOR NOTIFICATION: Owning a smartwatch can really help you work smart. You can set and receive notification on activities if you wish.
There is more to that, soem smartwatches can call for help in case of occurrence of an accident where you have not been able to regain consciousness immediately.
3) FOR FITNESS TRACKING: Almost all smartphones come with a heart rate monitor sensor to see how your body has responded to the workout. Also comes witha pedometer to show the distance covered. So if you are considering losing some pounds then a smartwatch can really be helpful.
4) FOR NAVIGATION: Most smartwatches come with a GPS which is really helpful if you are somewhere new it can help find your way it also helps in loction tracking.
As more features are being added to smartwatch you can expect to get more productivity from your smartwatches.
Simple applications found on smartwatches are Calendar, notes, FM radio. They also come with cameras for taking photos.

Ok, now we consider some factors to consider when buying a smartwatch.

1) The operating system
2) Battery life
3) Display
4) Personalization
5) Interface
6) Functionalities
7) Budget
Now let's see more on these factors:
1) Operating System: If you are new to how a computer works looking at the software operation then you probably do not know what a computer operating system is.
An operating system is a software that comes preinstalled in the computer and every other software depends on it to work.
Smartwatches are computer too so they run on an operating system. Some smartwatch operating system are: Tizen, Android wear, Microsoft Band 2 and lastly Watch OS.
Tizen, Android Wear and Microsoft Band 2 are all compatible with both Android smartphones and iPhones while Watch OS is on;y compatible with iPhone.

Smartwatches are most useful when connected to smartphones (this does not mean they can't be used alone) so when buying a smartwatch it is important that the smartwatch's operating system is able to work with your smartphones operating system.

2) Battery Life: Unlike the traditional watches, where the battery is expected to last for a month before it eventually goes bad, the smartwatch battery does not last that long but it is rechargeable which is a good thing.
Most smartwatches will go a few days when fully charged though this will depend on the usage.
So before going for a smartwatch it is wise to consider the battery capacity. If you live in an area where you have access to the regular power supply it might not really be a problem but if it's the other way round then you should consider this.

3) Display: Knowing the display of your smartwatch and what it means is quite important.

There are 3 types of display available to smartwatches and these are:
1) Liquid-Crystal- Display (LCD)
2) Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED)
3) Active-Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode (AMOLED)
The first 2 displays(LCD nad OLED)  are found to consume more power while the last display (AMOLED) does not consume power as much.

4) Personalization: Your smartwatch should be able to work or look the way you want. It should be as customizable as possible.
Starting from the strap, it should be what you feel like having another colour there. The straps come in different materials, like rubber (which is the most common), aluminium, leather and others.

5) Interface: this considers the touchscreen and button which determine the overall use of your smartwatch.
Before now, most smartwatches use to rely on buttons for usage but that is fast changing as more companies making smartwatches tend to be doing away with buttons rather than relying only on the touchscreen.
However, there are still some smartwatches out there that rely on both for proper usage.
You might want to take this seriously as if you have big fingers you may find it difficult to use your smartwatch which we all know have a smaller screen compared to our smartphones.
6) Functionalities: Just like any device, the more purpose your smartphone is able to serve the more useful and indispensable it will be.
Checking a smartphone functionalities is also very important since it will go a long way in guiding you to choose the one that fits your lifestyle.
Some functionalities can make your daily life easier. Basic functions of smartwatches are similar to that of smartphones.

Let's see some of the functions:

  1. Getting notifications.
  2. Sending messages.
  3. Answering calls.
  4. Heart rate tracker.
  5. Pedometer.
  6. Fitness app.
  7. Fingerprint security.

7) Budget: There is a smartwatch out there for almost any budget. You just have to check to see what your budget can afford and one that suits your taste or lifestyle.
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