Prices of Best Power Banks in Nigeria

Power banks are necessary where there is no access to power but you need to keep your device powered.
First, let's know what a power bank is.

A power bank is a small device which stores power that can be used to charge another device. A power bank relies on another source of power to charge its cells from which it will later transfer the power to cells of other devices.

Depending on the power bank, there are devices that can be charged. Most times power banks are made to charge small devices.

Devices that are most times chargeable with power banks are smartphones, smartwatches and cameras depending on the specification of the device looking at power rating.

Having known what power is and what's it is being used for, let's consider those thongs we should look out when purchasing a power bank.

1) Your Device: As earlier said, some devices like laptops can't be charged with a power bank. So, before buying a power bank you should make sure your device can be charged by it.

One thing that is really important is whether your device can be charged through a USB cable. If it can then power should be able to charge it.

Another thing which is not really important is whether the device can be power by the voltage the power bank produces.

However, most portable devices like smartphones and smartwatches can be powered. Most of us buy power banks for our smartphones, in this case, we don't have to worry all power banks can charge smartphones.

2) The capacity: This is the most important factor after deciding to buy a power bank. Your power bank's capacity determines how many times your device could be fully charged.

My advice: Get a power that has a capacity higher than your phone's battery capacity at least 25%. You can get more but the least should be 25%.

Power banks capacity is measured mill ampere-hour (mAh) the same with phones and other portable devices.

Say you have a device with a battery capacity of 2000mAh, you should be looking at buying a power bank of at least 3000mAh. That's about 30% more capacity.

If you have the budget, you can go for more capacity which will be of advantage as it will be able to fully charge your device more than twice.

3) QUALITY: If it is not of good quality it will not be durable and you might get damaged anytime. The first thing to consider when talking about quality is to consider the brand, if it comes from a brand with reputation then it likes going to have the quality and necessary features according to budget.
Don't be scared here, we have a lot of reputable names when it comes to power and this guide and this website is going to help you find them.

Looking at features like fast charging, over-charging protection and short circuit incident.
4) PRICE: Of course, you are going to go for what you can afford. In any case, it is good you know that prices of power banks are very affordable.

Check for what falls within your budget yet with good quality and enough capacity and go for it.

5)PORTABILITY: Portability will determine how easy you will carry your power bank around. It could in your handbag or pocket.

Well, most power banks are small in size but there are some with a little bit of size.

After considering all these factors, one should be able to identify a power bank that suits his/her planned usage.

Also, each power banks come with a user guide that will guide in the proper use of the device.

10 Best Power Banks to Buy:

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